Finding The Best U Lock For Your Bike

Bike thieves have become wiser these days. Unless you are living in Amsterdam, letting your guard down for a few minutes or so will lead to having your bike stolen and, its parts and accessories chopped down and sold to the black market—never to be recovered. Now, that’s a grim picture. But when your drive to increase your fitness regimen push you to the direction of biking to-and-fro your work, it is high time to uplift your locking game. With the best U lock for bikes available these days, you can finally say hello to a healthier physique and safer ride.


How U Lock For Bikes Work

Also known as a “D” bike lock, the U lock mocking up method for bikes lends the moniker from its shape. This type of locking method is deemed safer and harder to pick by bike thieves. It actually requires the use of bulky bolt cutters to break.

Bending in a U or D like shape, it allows locking up of bicycles into a straight bar where one usually parks. The U curve slides from the bike’s rear wheel and around the rim which then, slides into a bike stand to be locked in place. Like any normal lock, a key is usually used to open the hole in the center to unsnap both ends of the lock from the bar. Others also make use of a unique combination code.

The Best U Lock for Bikes

If your choice of bike parking site is a high risk area then, without a doubt, you will need the best protection for your ride. Check out three of the best U lock for bikes as suggested by many prolific riders out there.

  1. Password Code U Lock

Garnering a security rating of Silver 65/100, the Password Code U Lock is one of the best U lock for bikes sold in the market today. At 2.43 pounds and 13mm thick shackle bolt, it offers an X2P double bolt locking mechanism for a top-rated protection system for your bike. It’s long and wider shackle provides varied locking options uncommon in other competitors. It also boasts of snap-lock quick-release multi-function mounting bracket.

At around $31++, no wonder the Password Code U Lock is one of the favorites among the lot as evidenced by the sound reviews it continually received.

If you want it cheaper and lightweight..

2.SIGTUNA Bike locks (Changed from safe best  research}

Some riders however, prefer a less expensive and lightweight U lock making the Sigtuna U Lock Bike Lock a great choice. Made from the combination of heavy-duty steel and aluminum alloy, it still sports a 16mm shackle but with a lightweight design (3.8lbs) prevents scratching your bike each time you put the lock on. A strong anti-theft metal with plastic casing also helps to protect keyhole. A bike lock holder is also included to the package for easy storage when you go off for a ride.

What makes the Sigtuna U Lock Bike Lock unique, however, is its zero-jam keys. At less than $25 and 100% money-back guarantee, it is no wonder that many riders’ reviews have touted it as one of the best U lock for bikes.

For heavy-duty locking needs..

3.Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 Standard Bicycle U-Lock

Some places just simply require heavy-duty protection making the Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 Standard Bicycle U-Lock a must-have. Garnering a Silver and a security rating of 6 out of 10, the Kryptolok S2 is built to withstand extreme security conditions. The actual U lock has a standard 13mm hardened steel shackle and high security Bent Foot design for sturdy protection. Add to that the 4-inch cable system and you got an excellent bike theft deterrent at hand.

The Kryptolok S2 U Lock Bike Lock comes armed with a pick-and-drill resistant disc-style cylinder that leaves many riders’ reviews and feedback in awe of its security features. Each package also includes a transit Flex-Frame Bracket to mount the lock when riding. At less than $40, this U Lock is also equipped with a 360-degree rotational ability for better bike fit and alignment to a parking rack.
The Verdict

Locking your bike is a must particularly when leaving it out in the open bike part where thieves can easily ride away with it. When buying, always go for one that leaves as little gap as possible between your bike and the parking rack. Any of these best U lock for bikes are known to deliver excellent level of protection from theft. So pick any one from the OnGuard Bulldog LS U-Lock, Sigtuna U Lock Bike Lock or the Kryptolok S2— and sashay to a healthier, fitter you without having to worry about your bike in the parking lot.