Mountain Biking Accessories : What you need

mountaing biking accessories

If you’re new to mountain biking, then you probably know the likely overwhelming feeling of walking into a store to get your first mountain bike and be faced with a lot of mountain biking accessories to go with the bike.

If you’re not careful, the sales staff of any store you enter will try to shove every mountain biking accessory available down your throat. You don’t have to buy everything the sales staff suggests. The question you should be asking when buying your biking accessories should be, ‘what’s necessary to make the ride enjoyable and safer?’ You’ll do just fine on the trail by starting with the basic accessories.

Here are the accessories you need for your mountain biking:

Bike helmet
This is the most important of all accessories. Don’t even think of getting on a bike without a helmet. A lot of bikers have experienced serious head injuries that could have been prevented if they were wearing their helmets. You don’t have to worry about the comfort of the helmet, as they are built to be comfortable, as well as stylish.

Bike shorts

Your rear end can get quite uncomfortable with just a few mountain bike rides. Mountain bike shorts can help keep this discomfort at the barest minimum. Get comfortable shorts along with your other biking accessories to take away any discomfort with your biking.


Bike gloves

Never forget to wear you gloves regardless of the season of the year. Individuals who are new to mountain biking tend to grip the bike handles harder, which can result to hand injuries if gloves are not worn. More so, if you happen to crash and every biker crashes one time or another, your hands will be the first thing that will hit the ground. Mountain bikes gloves are a must-have for every biker, as this can take the beating off your hands.

Bike shoes

The type of mountain bikes shoes you pick will depend on the type of riding you do and your type of pedals. If you have a bike without clip pedals, then your biking shoes should be able to accept the special cleat for your pedals. A good mountain bike shoe should be very comfortable and durable, and should have a stiff sole for better pedalling.

Trail repair kit


You should purchase a bike multi-tool repair kit and always have on it on your bike, as you never know where you may be stuck. Your repair kit should have tools designed for fixing small problems like flat tires and other basic bike repairs.

Eye protection

Get yourself some goggles to protect your eye when biking, as anything can easily fly into your eyes when on the trail. Clear lensed glasses or sunglasses would be perfect. Also, make sure you get non-breakable glasses to avoid having to replace them each time you happen to fall on the trail.

Hydration system

It’s very easy for you to get dehydrated when on the trail, so bringing along a water bottle is always a good idea. This is necessary to ensure that your body is never dehydrated at any point in time.