Mountain Biking Skills for Beginners

People who know how to ride a bike can have an unparalleled enjoyment by mountain biking. There is a certain degree of risk involved in mountain biking compared to average riding and hence, it is essential that you are skilled and have your basics right before you try mountain biking.

To start with, hit the local park in your neighborhood or start biking around your house. Preferably, start training by riding up a slope or an uneven terrain.

  1. Get comfortable with the pedals

Try taking your foot off the pedal while you are sitting with one foot on the ground. Then, try replacing your foot while you start pedaling gradually. If you are learning it on a toe clip and clip less type foot pedals, you might take a little more time before you are comfortable doing this.

  1. Experiment for the perfect position

Start by pedaling around while your arms are bent slightly. Adjust your seat in a manner such that your leg extends 70-90% at the bottom when you pedal each time. Find a posture where in your body is relaxed and do not try to get comfortable with a position in which your elbows and knees have limited mobility.

  1. Gear Shifts

Get acclimatized to the gear shifts on your bike. The higher gears become harder to pedal and will increase your speed, while the lower gears are easy to pedal and will prove to be beneficial when you are on an ascent. Whenever you are about to tackle an uphill road, shift before you start the ascent rather than doing it midway.

  1. Learn Coasting

Coasting is when you stand on pedal without sitting on the seat. Your arms should be bent while you try this and make sure that you do not lock your knees. Once you are comfortable doing this, try to shift your body slightly towards the rear, as weight balancing will help you during ascents and descents.

  1. Pedal while standing

Standing on the bike and pedaling is a highly required skill you will have to master. Lift yourself from the seat while you are pedaling and you will start getting comfortable eventually. When you first try this, make sure that you are on a higher gear and the ground is flat, so that you maintain your balance.

Learn on a curb Search for a curb in which you can comfortably get to the top. Start by pedaling uphill at a decent speed while you practice your standing and coasting skills on your way down. Gradually increase your speed until you gain mastery over it.

Once you have mastered the above mentioned techniques, mountain biking will not be a tough task and you will start enjoying it. Despite the fact that getting used to it takes time, it will eventually become an addiction!