Top 3 GPS Bike Mount For That Hassle-Free Ride

Do you use a bike GPS when out and about? If you have not used one yet, it is high time to reconsider installing a GPS bike mount for easy viewing. Tracking your speed and distance travelled as well as the route, speed, elevation and other data will help a great deal in your performance.

Data from GPS can be automatically summarized helping you track your progress and do necessary improvements as a cyclist. Some GPS may even have cadence sensors as well as monitors for heart rate and pedal power as you ride. But all these cannot be made possible without a GPS mount on your bike.

Without further ado, here are the top 3 most recommended GPS bike mounts in the market today. Here’s a detailed look on each of the GPS bike mounts mentioned in the chart.

1. Garmin 0101165407 Handlebar Mount for Montana/Monterra

The first one comes from powerhouse Garmin, the makers of quality GPS navigation, communication, and sonar products. If you are using a Montana or a Monterra, this easy snap-on GPS bike mount is a must-have. You can snap the device in place in either portrait or landscape orientation just right into the handlebar mount to start working on your biking cadence.

The Garmin 0101165407 Handlebar Mount can attach to any standard bicycle handlebar. Built with rubber cushion, it provides shockproof protection to the GPS wherever you wish to ride. The Mount works for both motorcycle and bicycle handle bars. No wonder reviews and feedback from actual users have mentioned about the handlebar mount as a wise buy. To get your own, check out special price from Amazon.

Yet, another handlebar mount from Garmin..

2. GARMIN 010-10454-00 Handlebar Bike Mount (for GPSMAP 60 Series)

This GPS bike mount does not come any less than the first one. Coming from the same maker of quality handlebar mount for GPS Maps, the GARMIN 010-10454-00 Handlebar Bike Mount also features easy snap-on system that’s so easy to install. It can be mounted on a 1-inch diameter bar either in front of at the sides of a motorcycle, bike or ATV.

GARMIN 010-10454-00 Handlebar Bike Mount reviews have touted it as a solid and the most flexible handlebar mount—and at a great price, too.
For that extra security..

3. ChargerCity Universal Motorcycle / Bike Mount with Water Resistant Case

Another powerhouse brand in handlebar mounts, ChargerCity, brings you the most secured GPS bike mount for your Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, and other portable GPS brands in the market. Made with shockproof features compatible for straight, trekking, drop and touring size handlebars, it provides a concrete foam-filled hold on your GPS device regardless of your terrain and movement.

What makes the unique is its water-resistant universal case with see-through zippered feature that protects your GPS device from all types of weather while ensuring ease of use.

Built for bikes, motorbikes, ATVs, golf carts, snowmobiles, hang gliders and other vehicle with cylinder-shaped frame or bar, the ChargerCity Universal Motorcycle / Bike Mount have been earning rave reviews from the sporting communities across the globe.

With most biking activities now becoming highly reliant on GPS as performance trackers or monitors, investing in a GPS bike mount is a no-brainer. There are plenty of reasons to invest in any of these featured handlebar mount from Garmin and ChargerCity particularly when you want to improve your performance level and fitness advantage.

To ensure buying authentic while being within your budget threshold, head off to Amazon to enjoy discounts and shipping perks.